We are happy to help you organize for any catering event that you might have.

With over 23 years of experience catering in Central Florida for many events like Oktoberfests, Private parties, Convention Center events, Weddings and many more.

We can cater small or large parties, with the option of you picking up and serving yourself or us catering fully the event for you.

Our Bakery is also available for rent large wedding or events including catering from our menu.

 Our prices are as follow per person, per serving:

Breakfast Event

Nurnberger Breakfast , Nurnbergers with Sunny side up eggs $5.99

Leberkaesse Breakfast  , Our famous Leberkaesse on a Rye bread with sunny side up eggs $6.99

French Toast with side of fruit $5.99

Scambled Eggs $3.00

German Cereal Gluten Free with Fresh fruits and Yogurt $4.99

Regular Cereal  with Fresh fruits and Yogurt $3.99

Scrambled Eggs and Ham on Rye $4.99

  • Hot Meals

·         Hunterschnitzel  with Spaetzle $12.75

·         Wienerschnitzel ( with potato salad and sauerkraut)  $12.50

·         Kaesespaetzle  $ 9.75

·         Goulash and Spaetzle ( handmade spaetzle )$10.75

·         Bratwurst white potato salad and sauerkraut $9.33

·         Bratwurst Smoked with potato salad and sauerkraut  $9.33

 ·         Semelknoedel – Bread Dumplings with Mushroom Sauce ( Vegetarian Dish) $ 9.75

·         Quiche Large with Vegetables   per Slice $6.75/ whole Quiche $19.99

·         Quiche small : Loraine or  Onions and Mushrooms or small Vegetable  $4.75

 .         Sauerbraten Bavarian style with Dumplings (Bread) and Red Cabbage $13.50 

 .         Zuricher Geschnetzeltes ( Fine cut Beef in creamy white wine sauce with handmade        Spaetzle) $11.75

 .       Rindergeschazeltes ( Fine Beef Stew in creamy mushrooms sauce with German potato   Pancakes) $11.75

.       Rouladen  $ 11.75

.      Curry Bratwurst or Bauernwurst on a pretzel stick $4.95

Cold plates

·      Wurstsalat Cold cuts meat salad and cheese $9.95 

·      Salad Plate with mixed vegetables and our own vinaigrette dressing $7.50


 Pretzels, Pretzel Rolls, Pretzel Rolls with cheese, Berliner Brotchen


All our sausages Bratwurst, Bauernwurst, Nurnberger or Frankfurters can be ordered in large quantities and are available raw or precooked ready to serve.

We are happy to provide quotes for small or large parties.

For more pricing and information for your event, please contat Sandy or Anne Marie directly at the Bakery 352-324-3366

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