Assistant Store Manager

Must have a minimum total of 4 years experience as an Assistant Manager in Hospitality, preferable with Bakery or Restaurant experience.Knowledge of Baked goods is mandatory.


1. Prioritize, save and cut costs in Operations. Maintain company policy's

2. Train new employees

3. Coordinate Costumer Service Staff, Cleaning and Driving Crew making sure all employees are following proper procedures.

4. Update product Tags when needed

5. Make sure that front display is in perfect order at 8 am when Bakery is open

6. Ship products

7. Take orders and organize tours

8. Open and close Bakery

9. Establish and maintain cleaning routines

10. Establish and maintain costumer service routines and methods for display products and cleanliness

11. Order Products from Vendors for front display when requested

12. Coordinate with Assistant Manager, orders and production list.

13. Make signs and coordinate with pastry Chef Holiday Orders, making sure pictures and items are displayed ahead for preordering

14. Answer and take phone messages from the system.

15. Create new business by calling old clients and tours

16. Create and Maintain inventory of Shed, Freezer, Walk in Cooler and Cold Room

17. Assist owner on daily operations management

18. Order Breads and coordinate with Vendors the Production

19. Coordinate with Manager and proper routine to work at Bakery.

20. Do routine check up on machines, and call for service when needed.

21. Run inventory for the next day pastry production and order

22. Run inventory for the next day Bread production for Bakery and prepare orders

23. Send invoices and collect money from vendors when needed.

24. Prepare and ship orders

25. Make sure that clients are taking care on an expedient manner and they are taken care by employees with the best customer service satisfaction.

26. Make sure all employees are wearing clean uniforms.

27. Operate store on a daily basis/ run maintenance

28. Send, create Purchase orders

29. Maintain deli operations and stock on a daily basis

30. Prioritize, save and cut costs in Operations

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location:

  • Yalaha, FL

Required experience:

  • Management: 4 years
  • Retail Management: 2 years
  • Food service: 1 year

Please email your resume to:

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