Full time and partime positions available _ LAKE COUNTY YALAHA

Job Duties

Bakery dishwashers hold the responsibility of cleaning all the dishes, glasses, silverware, and cooking supplies for a restaurant. A dishwasher must keep the dish room and dish machine in clean, working order. Dishwashers may be responsible for stocking the establishment with clean supplies for customers, such as napkins and condiments. Other dishwasher job duties may consist of cleaning up around the Bakery and assisting other staff members as needed. Chefs, sous chefs, and kitchen managers serve as supervisors for dishwashing associates. 
Dishwasher is responsible for keeping the entire Bakery clean at all times, Front, Back, Bathrooms, Storage 
Some maintenance work is also required.

Job Qualifications

Dishwasher jobs involve constant movement and physical activity while on the clock. Workers must be able to operate different machines and know the proper specifications needed to sterilize Bakery utensils. Dishwashers must be aware of basic sanitary guidelines. Due to the physical nature of the job, dishwashers should be comfortable routinely lifting large loads and equipment
Speed, Endurance is what you mostly need.
Basically you need to be well organized, have no problems with either temperature (Extremely Hot or Ice Cold), Really fast with your hands & arms, and have an excellent way of adapting with new kitchens that you work in

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