Pastry Chef

  1. Attended culinary school.
  2. Prior professional baking experience of American and French pastry for at least two years including european pastries, tortes, wedding cakes, macarons, etc.,
  3. Ability to lead while providing excellent customer service.
  4. Work well with a team as well as bakery production workers.
  5. Have administrative knowledge and management abilities for your area: food cost, inventory, ordering, training, labor cost and other financial components.
  6. Communication (written and verbal), basic computer skills, excellent interpersonal skills, excellent follow-up skills, honest, team-player, hard-worker, positive attitude.
  7. Extensive knowledge of conventional baking and ability to translate their skill and art into kosher and/or non-dairy and/or gluten-free baking.
  8. Must be talented and able to create new recipes while perfecting and maintaining existing recipes.

  9. Able to stoop, bend, perform extensive walking and 8 hours a day or more of standing. Exposure to wet floors, noise and temperature extremes. Must be able to lift 50 pounds on a semi-regular basis and perform other diverse physical tasks, as needed.

  10. Able to read and/or follow written and verbal instructions and implement.
Overall responsibilities:
  1. Oversee the daily production of the product line that is sold in the Bakeries.

  2. Oversee and develop new offerings for pastry department to be included on the Bakeries'
  3. Increase profits from bakery department

  4. Production of all pastry and baked goods to all Bakeries, catering, special orders and outside sales.

  5. Responsible for quality presentation and preparation of this department.
  6. Developing and executing new pastry ideas, which includes documentation and costing.

  7. Maintaining food cost without reducing food quality, authenticity or creativity.
  8. Maintaining an up-to-date pastry recipe book and costs.

  9. Daily cleaning and maintenance of pastry kitchen and storage areas.

  10. Counting of weekly physical inventory: produce, dry goods, kitchen equipment and any miscellaneous items of the pastry dept.

  11. Enforce standards of safety, cleanliness, and sanitation as set forth by company policy, OSHA, and Lake County Health Department and maintain a current ServSafe certification.

Must be available to work 40-50 hours per week. References required

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